Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Clogherhead Beach

Here is your My World Image.

I wish this was my world as I am in the middle of a couple of commercial shoots and if I see another cushion I will go mad.

This is Clogherhead Beach from Sunday. It was taken a few just before the Clogherhead Storm image below. You can just about see the start of the dark clouds in the top right of this image.

However I had a bit of good news today, I think Mr Kepala is a daddy. For those who don't understand this just click and the link and you will understand who Mr Kepala is. I will keep you posted on this later during the week.


  1. That is one amazing beach. I hope you are back to it soon!

  2. If the cushions mean money stick at it, better than having to have an assistant to yank the coat of some fat director so he does not appear quite so fat with all the creases.
    Love your ominous skies and landscape, but most of all the shot below!!!

  3. WOW !!! A beautiful, dramatic photo !!!

    I gather you are photographing cushions?? Just think of the money those cushions represent to you. That'll get you through it !! :-)