Thursday, 11 June 2009

Trim Sunset

Here is your Sky Watch Friday image.

Well another week is over and I will leave you with a sunset form the Newtown Abbey trip.
I have to tell you the story behind this image as it nearly had a tragic ending.
I had picked up my new Manfrotto Carbon Fiber tripod that morning and just had to go out and test it. The result of the test? The Newtown Abbey images in the previous posts. I was on my way home when I spotted this location and a possible silhouette could be had. I pulled over and go the tripod and camera out. I was not able to get the sun behind the trees for where i was standing. Now I don't know about you but a locked gate does not stand in my way in the hunt for that perfect photo.

In this case I had to climb over a 15 foot long gate. What I normally do is climb onto the gate and then lift the camera and tripod over and continue on myself. This time I climbed over the gate. While I was getting down from the gate, the gate and the pillars fell down. They clipped the back of my leg but all I could do was stand there in fits of laughter. Then it just hit me. If I had done what I normally do I would be looking at one smashed up camera and tripod. However I did manage to get the image, put the gate back up and get out of there fast.


  1. cool catch! God and Nature first made us what we are, and then out of our own created genius we make ourselves what we want to be..... Mine's up too hope you can drop by... Have a great weekend!

  2. I always love your photos, Neil, but this story to go with a marvelous shot really made my day! Glad you got out of there without a smashed camera and tripod -- particularly since the tripod was brand new!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. I'm very glad you didn't get hurt--glad also for your camera and tripod! The shot is well worth the adventure, but still...

    And you're making me feel better, because for my Skywatch shot, I squeezed through a locked gate, instead of climbing over one LOL. My husband stayed behind the wheel of the 'getaway car' while I snapped. Couldn't help it.

  4. If it fell over that easily, I'd say you probably weren't the first to knock the gate down!

    A beautiful image - the clouds all seem to radiate out from that point in the centre.

  5. Great capture, love BW-pictures, great setting!!

    I go to Ireland in about 7 weeks, hope to take pictures like this one!!

    Have a nice Skywatch Friday!!

    Greetings from NL

  6. The sun is getting ready to sleep, behind those trees, that hill.. Beautiful and romantic.
    Great result! :)

  7. Who needs colour when you have he drama of your monos.

  8. Very nice silhouette. On climbing gates it's something I'd probably do also as long as it's away from either populated areas or appears to be no man's land. There are many areas around here I'd love to get behind the fence, but the possibility of irate owners and unfriendly German shepherds keep me from doing so.

  9. It feels like I am flying whith the clouds. Wow

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