Thursday, 25 June 2009

Your Classic Sunset II

Here is your Skywatch Friday image.

OMG only one post since last friday.
I have being very busy with commercial work and the Zoo this week. Next week will be the same amount of posts as I will be away over in the West of Ireland until Thursday. I hope to get at least one image up of the Tiger cubs for sunday/monday.

Here is another one of "My Classic Sunsets". It's again from Oldhead , Westport. The location is the same as the last post with only a move to the right by a few feet.

Hope everyone has a good weekend and talk to you all again soon.
Oh yes, lets hope this wonderful weather we are having here in Ireland lasts another week.


  1. That picture really draws me in. It's very good, and I love the darkness of the clouds etc contrasted against the light.

  2. Ah Neil .. you are THE master of monochrome!

  3. Fantastic and dramatic as always, Neil! Love it and I agree with Daryl, you are THE master of monochrome! Enjoy! Have a great weekend! Wishing you great weather. Look forward to shots of the tiger cubs!!

  4. Stunningly beautiful! Love the drama in the contrasts.

  5. You've outdone yourself once again, wow this is incredible.

    Have a great weekend
    Regina In Pictures

  6. I feel like I'm being drawn in by this one. A stunner.

  7. Wonderful scene.
    Great photography! :)

  8. Stunning. So effective in B&W.

  9. Amazing. I would never think of doing a sunset in b&w yet it works so well. Love your blog, the tiger is wonderful.

  10. Classic is right. It's a real education to see how powerful a sunset can be in monochrome. Good to see a fellow photographer busy in the economic times. We tend to be a luxury item, but I'm strangely busy too, though I know many that aren't.

  11. Most impressed by the quality of your photos.
    Wednesday's water shaking tiger was extraordinary too!

    (my stormy sky today could almost pass for a b&w but it was actually colour)

  12. Lovely, dramatic shot !!!

    Very cool capture..

    Happy SWF and have a great weekend. :-)