Sunday, 7 June 2009

Newtown Abbey

Here is your Scenic Sunday image.

After a week of wonderful blue skies and sunshine, we are now back in winter, as it did not stop raining all day Saturday with strong winds. However I did manage to get out for a couple of hours on Friday evening. Nothing like a new piece of equipment to get you motivated. In this case a new tripod.

The image above is of Newtown Abbey, Trim, Co Meath.
After dinner I travelled the short distance to Trim, about 10k, to get some images of the Castle and Abbey. Just as I arrived the clouds arrived and put an end to the wonderful side lighting I was looking for. I got a couple of images and will post during the week. I drove to another location but decided to go back to the Abbey. The sun was setting now and the light was starting to glow. Well, all I can say was that I had some of the most beautiful golden side lighting in a long time with lit up the surface of the rocks in the foreground.

So in the end I got the image I was after, but the moral of this story is "Don't have that extra potato".