Sunday, 7 June 2009

Newtown Abbey 2

Here is your Monochrome Maniacs image.

It's been a while since my last post with Aileni over at Monochrome Maniacs. The way things have worked out I was always traveling back from somewhere and did not get a chance, but that has change now.

So Monochrome Maniacs, here is the second image in a sequence from last friday at Newtown Abbey, Trim, Co Meath. This time I moved a little more to the right and lower down in the tall grass to change the angle of view.

Again we have wonderful side lighting coming in from the setting sun on the right. It has made the tops of the grass stand out nicely.

So stay tuned to this weeks post to see more from this shoot.


  1. The side of the stone crosses also stand out really well too.

  2. And a darn fine image it is.

  3. You always show in your photos the different kinds of its color not just as monotone..

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  4. What a setting. Reminds me of Wuthering Heights. Another monochrome monday favorite.