Thursday, 4 June 2009

Inch Beach

Here is your Sky Watch Friday image.

Well it's Friday again. With the bank holiday on Monday the week flew by and we still have this wonderful blue sky and plenty of sunshine. There are lots of people going around the sun burn marks all over their bodies as we pale skin Irish are not use to the sun.

The above image is Inch Beach, Co Kerry from a while back. We have the Dingle Peninsula on the right and Iveragh Peninsula on the left and looking out towards Dingle Bay. I was surprised to find we had the beach to ourselves. With the tide out and very shallow water it made for a great reflection of the clouds in the sky. No imported clouds here as with all my images, I don't add or take away anything form the photo just dust spots with the clone brush.

Your comments please on what you add or take away ?


  1. Marvelous shot, as always, Neil! Looks like such a lovely place.

    And I do know about burn marks -- all of my ancestors came from Ireland and passed on the pale skin.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Great, one of your best. Since you have many great photos on your site that is saying a lot. Art is of course, subjective and that is just one opinion.

  3. That's gorgeous---I love the reflected clouds but the light on the waves does it for me. Beautiful!

    As to your question: I don't take things out or put things in; can't afford good software like photoshop anyhow! But then I'm not a professional photographer or visual artist; I'm a writer who just enjoys taking photographs, so there's a difference.

  4. The reflections in the sand of the clouds are great. I don't have photoshop, so can't add or take anything away - I usually clean the foreground a bit (if there's litter in a landscape or broken grass/very dead leaves in a macro) before I take my pictures.

  5. What an perfect reflection.

    I don't add or take away. Many of my pics show the bugs on the windshield. LOL!

  6. Very nice Skywatch entry here, lov it because its BW, very nice!!!

    Have a nice Skywatch Friday

    Greetings from the Netherlands

  7. Beautiful planes!
    It looks like a mirror.. Amazing scenery, as usual :)

  8. Gorgeous. Love the subtle reflection of the sky off the wet sand. very nice! Happy SWF.

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  10. neil
    like how the reflection of the clouds was captured in the sand as you noted...makes for a wonderful image.
    have a lovely weekend.

  11. Hi there..I love the photo of inch beach.. doing some quick catching up on Sky Watch and visiting your lovely blog as I have just returned...cheers.

  12. Beautiful photo, I like it just as it as. =)

  13. That's a really dramatic shot...

    The way the sky and clouds are reflected on the wet sand/shallow water, is very cool..

  14. I'm liking the texture of the sand and shallow water.

    I keep my post processing to a minimum. However, I do adhere to usual rituals of RAW conversion, noise control, sharpening, saturation, luminance, and contrast.

    I will remove color to create black and whites as well as cropping to remove enough to fit the mood I 'm in for the result. Other than HDR and Orton tricks, I do not alter my images.

    I like my Photoshop time to a minimum. We are unlike painters, it is up to us to eliminate or add by composition.