Saturday, 31 January 2009

Water & Rocks 2

I being going thru a Water and Rocks phase and I didn't even know it because here is another one.
This image is from Downpatrick Head, Co Mayo late in the evening. It was taken on the same day as the Four Images post. The rocks are been lit by the last of the sun light before it dropped below the horizon. Again with this image as in the other water and rocks the contrast between the rocks and the misty look of the water is what makes this image work. A very simple composition but yet interesting. What do you think?


  1. I've been studying this image and others for some time. something about this simple image draws my attention. I'm thinking it is the misty water appearance from the long exposure.

  2. I am starting to really like this type/Style of composition myself Rob and I believe they work because they are in B&W. You see the shapes and lines of the subjects and the flow of the water. I have a couple more but this time using fast shutter speeds to give the opposite effect of these images.

  3. Very nice composed picture. Great blur in the water.