Monday, 12 January 2009

Salterstown Beach Revisited

I did manage to make it over to Salterstown today and before anybody asks I did not take the wife's car and my children did not have to walk to school. I might be mad but not stupid.
I got a lift from another photographer friend Ken Butterfield. This was new for him shooting landscapes because Ken normally shoots motor sports. I was in two mind whether to go or not, because I missed low tide. However as I always say to other photographers when I am teaching - Just get Out there.

So here is another image form the same location as the previous Salterstown post. By the time we arrived over there is was high tide and none of the rocks which I knew were visible. None the less we stayed at this spot for about an hour and the tide was starting to go out. With the tide being so high a different plan of action was called for. We concentrated of the movement of the waves and have some very interesting images to post later in the week.

We traveled around the coast to Dunny Point and finished the day at Port Beach. I have a few more interesting images to post later and a story about wet trousers.