Sunday, 25 January 2009

Linux Tree

Well this is a first.
Today I went for a walk in Ardgillan Castle with the family and got a nice walk around before the clouds and rain rolled in. The above image was hand held using the Canon G10 compact camera.
What I mean by first is that I only used free software to do all my work from converting the RAW into a black and white Jpeg. By the way if you clicked on the link to Ardgillan Castle above the tree to the left of the castle is the above tree.

Here is the techno details:
OpenSuse 11.1 operating system on a 2year old laptop.
Raw Therpee to convert the RAW into 16bit Tiff.
Gimp (ie photoshop) to convert the 16bit into 8bit Jpeg.
Channel Mixer to convert to B&W.
Added a bit of noise to look like old fashion film grain.
The end result above.
The total cost of the above : Nothing (zero euro)

I would be interested to hear form anybody else who uses Linux for their photography.
So will I be giving up my Mac's with Lightroom and Photoshop? No, not just yet. But it's interesting times ahead for the free software enviroment.