Thursday, 22 January 2009

Old Head Sunset

This is another place I visit regularly. It's Old Head, Westport, Co Mayo. I have been here at different times of the day and year and have always come away with at least one image. This time it's sunset over Clew Bay and Achill Island in the background. Shooting into the sun is very difficult and that's why I would normally wait until the sun drops down below the horizon or in this case behind the mountains. I have a good example of this and will post it to show the effects. Some like it, but I don't (that is sun flare).
Sunset is all about the colours in the sky and clouds. How many of you have gone out with the view to taking a black and white image at sunset? It can work if you play your cards right. This images works because of the contrast between the dark clouds and bright sky. Again the ND Grad filters were use as always to balance the sky with the foreground water and rocks.