Sunday, 11 January 2009

The Cooleys & Mournes

It's very rare for me to shoot with a long telephone lens, but this image was taken with the 70-200 zoom. This is the image I was talking about in the Salterstown Beach post. It's taken from the same spot as the image in that post but as I said with a telephoto lens. I could not remember how to take the 24mm lens off the camera cause its that long ago now :-)
Again this was taken early in the morning looking across Dundalk Bay towards Carlingford and further on The Mourne Mountains, Co Down. Theses two images are going to cost me a lot of money me thinks. It's a long story but lets just say a got a flat tyre on my car and then damages the special wheel nut on the alloys. The car will have to go the garage and will have to either drill the nut out or take the whole hub off the car to remove the lock nut. Either way it's going to cost me. Oh well I will have to take the wife's little car now to go back over to Salterstown on Monday morning. The children will enjoy the walk to school ?

The things we do for our Photography !