Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy New Year

Well I didn't manage to get today (New Years Day) for the family walk in the mountains. Let's just say the weather was not the best and leave it at that ?

Instead here is another image taken last week when I was over in Westport. This was taken at the far end of Fallduff Beach with Croagh Patrick been lit by the last rays of sun  before the sun sets. On the full size raw version you can make out the church on the summit of the mountain. Thinking it was a piece of dirt here was I  going to remove it. Again a slow shutter speed was result of a small aperture (f/16). The front grad filter was covered with water spray after this image and I did not notice it until after I had finished the shoot and was packing the camera away. Lucky for me the best images were taken before the spray.