Sunday, 11 January 2009

One Locations Four Images

Downpatrich Head is one of my favourite locations. In the above image there are four photographs, some of which I have posted previously, all of which were taken within a few meters of each other. There are in sequence from top to bottom starting with the first one taken and then moving a couple of meters further down shoreline. What I want to show you with the above is just how different your image composition can be with a small move to the right, left, back or in the case forwards. Moving forward I found different compositions form the same location. It goes to show you that the best tool you can use for photography is your legs and eyes. In these images the camera position on the tripod did not change. I might have moved the filter a small bit to take into account the sky, but other than that nothing changes not even the exposure settings. I think this covers Tip No:3 in the "Shoot Better Landscape" posting series nicely.