Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Salterstown Slipway

Moving 20meters to the left from the previous post spot, you come to the slipway. As we got to Salterstown beach it was high tide, there was not much to see except for a couple of the big rocks and this slipway above. Another study in the movement of the water. This time the waves would come over the surface of the slipway and back into the sea. What's interesting is the 5 remaining stones left on the slipway after a wave came in and the motion of the waves around them but never touching them. I also like the way the slipway disappears under the waves. How far does it go? who knows?
I also like the way the images has lawyers of calm and motion. Starting with the calm static stones then the motion of the waves to the almost calm open sea and finally to the motion of the clouds. What do you think?


  1. These are all very nice photos. I've been finding it difficult to get B&W digitally to match what I used to be able to do in the darkroom. Good to see it can actually be done.

  2. Practice, practice and more....
    That's what it takes to make B&W digital to look like film. I do no special tricks with the images, just dodge and burn, levels in photoshop to get the images the way I see it.
    Glad to see somebody else from the "TUX"
    Thanks fro your comments.
    Regards Neil