Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Dunny Point

After we had finished at Salterstown beach, we headed for Dunny Point. I found this location a few months back when Navan Camera Club came over here on a photo day outing. However the conditions were not right and I knew this location would be good if the light was right. Well on this visit it was just right. The sun was coming in over our shoulders and was lighting up the beach and headland. The tide was going out but the sound of the waves was wonderful. We set up the tripods on the beach , but I went a bit too close to the waters edge and well just imagine seeing a grown man with wellies on running for cover with a camera and tripod in hand. The smaller of the two images above is the image I got just before the wave hit. Unfortunately the image is blurred which is understandable so I did not do the final b&w work on it. I spent the rest of the day with ringing wet trousers and socks, but it was worth the laugh and I got the photos to show for it.

I think I have a few more images to show you for this one day. Here's me thinking to stay at home and not bother going out. Now there a lesson for me and you - Just GO -


  1. Beautiful... Where is this located?

  2. It's located between Drogheda and Dundalk on the east coast of Ireland. Here is a link to Google Maps.,-6.270103&spn=0.184577,0.255775&z=12