Sunday, 1 February 2009

A Little Miracle

That's what it is, a little miracle.
What I am talking about is the camera used and the conditions under which the image above was taken in. I was standing on the rocks down on Donabate beach today with gale force winds and spray from the waves every couple of seconds. I was holding the camera in one hand and holding a grad filter in the other hand up against the lens. Oh yes the camera, The Canon G10.
The G10 was in my pocket while myself and the rest of the family went for a walk along the beach in Donabate before we payed a visit to my sister. I think the children lasted about 15mins in the very cold and strong winds. I wanted to stay longer but they won in the end and we headed back to the car.
So their you have it, the G10 a little miracle.

1 comment:

  1. Only goes to show. I think it was Jazz said to me this weekend - 'It is what goes on six inches behind the viewfinder'.