Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Torr Head

If I was to be honest, this image would not be one of my best, however it has something special about it though. Any guess ?
Well the image shows Torr Head. A place along the Antrim coast between Cushendun and Ballycastle. On the day this image was taken I was on my way for a few days stay in Ballycastle to photograph this wonderful coastline up in Northern Ireland. It was raining not stop on the drive up to Belfast and then along the coast road A2. We stopped here and walked up the steps to the top of this headland. The rain had stopped and the clouds were starting to break up over the sea. And look what we found Scotland. Yes, that's Scotland on the horizon. So I have an image with Ireland and Scotland in it separated by the North Channel. I thinks its Campbeltown in Scotland we see here and you can get a ferry to take you over there in Ballycastle.
A timely post as if your Irish and you like your sports then you will know Ireland are playing Scotland at the weekend in the 6 Nations Ruby Championship. Come on the boys in Green.


  1. A clever posting this day. ireland and Scotland in the same view and playing rugby. Good luck!

  2. Well, the photo's a bit more beautiful than the result, I must say! Depending on your point of view, of course!