Saturday, 7 March 2009

Glencar Lake

Scenic Sunday

No photoshop tricks were used in the making of this image.
This is Glencar Lake, Co Leitrim and Co Sligo. The reason for this is the county boarder line splits the lake in two. Ours car was parked in the car park beside Glencar Waterfall which is in Co Letrim, but the view you see in the photo is of the Co Sligo part of the lake with King's Mountain. Do you understand, as clear as mud?
Does it matter, no. The image was taken around 2 in the afternoon, one sunny day. I had to use two ND grad filters to balance the exposure. But the effect of the sun and the rays is wonderful in this image. I don't usually shot into the sun, but I likes the clouds in the sky and was going to crop out the sun until I viewed the image on the computer screen when I got back home form this trip. One look and I knew it had to be left in. I still don't understand how the effect happened. Can anyone answer this question?