Sunday, 15 March 2009

Dublin Bay

This is your Monochrome Monday image.

It has being a long time now, over 7 weeks since I had a camera in my hands and was out shooting Landscapes. Well today I did get out and it was a good feeling. Today we were going to visit my mothers and have "Sunday Dinner" with them. On the way down to Dublin I detour was on the cards for a bit of a walk and a photo or two. What we have here is a image of Dublin Bay from Howth Head on the Sutton side. You can see The Pigeon House power station on the right and the Dublin & Wicklow Mountains. The eagle eyed viewer can see a circle pattern in the water on the left side. This is the ripples after my son's rocks splashed in the water.
The image might not win photo competitions but was great to get back out again. Just a quick conversion in Lightroom and some Dodge & Burning in Photoshop (10 mins total) after putting the children to bed after the wonderful dinner down in my mothers. ( Thanks mum ).