Saturday, 21 March 2009

Boats on Lough Sheelin

This is your Scenic Sunday image.

Well the story behind this image is for all you Ladies and your wedding day. I while back I was asked to take the photo's of a friends wedding. It's something I do but don't advertise, only for friends. Well on this occasion the weather did not play ball and it started to rain just as after the couple left the church. There was nothing I could do about that. However it stopped for about 30 mins, enough time to get the group shot at the hotel. The looks I was getting fro all the ladies because there high heels shoes sunk into the wet grass and the Que in the toilets so they could clean their shoes. The things we photographers have to suffer for that photo. ha ha.

All the bride wanted was a photo of them standing down at this lake, Lough Sheelin, Co Cavan. On the day it was not possible, but I said to the bride I will come back here to the hotel some other time and get the image to clone them into the photo. On the day I was to go to meet the couple to show the photo's, was a wonderful sunny day. So I loaded the cameras into the car and headed to the lake. If you have being following my blog you will have noticed that I only do B&W landscape images.

On this day I had wonderful side lighting from the setting sun. I think the above image was taken around 7 in the evening. I also had claim water and a nice sky. I showed the couple the photo's of the wedding day and told them about the images I got before I meet them. So another meeting was arranged to give them the final album. Normally I will give the couple one image of their choice, printed and framed. However I did not tell the bride that I had this image framed also. Well to say the flood gates open when she saw this image is an under statement. This image takes pride of place on the wall along side the image from inside the church ( which I had to change to b&w after they saw this one ). So at the end of the day the image they wanted they did not get, but were more that happy with the one.