Monday, 30 March 2009

Lough Dan 3

Here is your My World image.

The Lough Dan Story continues....
In the past couple of posts, I have shown you the views down at Lough Dan and also told you about the walk down to the valley along to the lake itself. Well the image above was taken from the road half way up the mountain walk back to the car. I think you can get a sense of scale in this image of the mountains and valley. It was in kind of a rush to get this image as the dark clouds were rolling in faster than I could walk and you can just about see them on the right hand side of the sky. Just as we got back to the car the heavens opened with rain and hail stones.

When you get down to the valley the walk is along the light shade running through the image. You pass through a small forest and can see deer in the field to your left. If they hear you, they will stop, look up and keep an eye on you until you are out of sight. I must bring the big guns (ie 400mm) with me the next time to get some photo's of the deer.

This is the best location to take this overall view from, as further up you can't see the valley and the mountain on the left blocks the complete view.

So there you have it Lough Dan, But wait there's more............