Sunday, 22 March 2009

Don't Look Behind You

This is your Monochrome Maniacs image.

First off what a weekend for Irish Sport. After 2 major heart failures on Saturday. The Irish Ruby Team won the Grand Slam, the first time in 61 years and then this was followed by Bernard Dunne winning a World Title in boxing later that Saturday night. The Irish economy and the world economy is in serious trouble but we are going to kick and punch our way out of the mess.

So keeping with the sports theme, here is a photo taken along time ago. It's well over 15 year old at this stage. The photo shows a rider on the final run on a stage in the Tour de France bike race. The rider is Charly Mottet from the RMO team looking over his shoulders to see how much a lead he has. I got the photo by sticking my hand out over the barriers and got the camera back in just in time as to not hit the rider. Charly Mottet did in fact win the race an a got a winning photo. This image was entered into my very first inter-club competition and won the best photo overall. What was my prize you may ask? Well a roll of colour film.

The host of Monochrome Maniacs Aileni would be happy to know that the photo was taken using a Canon T90 film camera with Tri-X film and a standard 50mm lens and not with your 10 frames a second machine gun with 400mm lens. The good old days !