Friday, 6 March 2009

Cottage in the Mournes

This image was interesting in that it shows why you should go back to a location again as what was said in the previous post "Why Black & White and Landscape." The location in question is the Silent Valley, Mourne Mountains, Co Down, Northern Ireland. After coming down from Spelga Dam you follow the signs for the Silent Valley. This cottage was spotted. I got out had a look around but the light was not right. After a wonderful days shooting we headed down to the village of Kilkeel for something to eat before the drive home. However that could be a long drive home if I have my camera to hand. This was going to one of those times. While we went for a quick look at the harbor I noticed that the light was starting to turn and that cottage came back into my head. Load them all back into the car and the race was on. Would we get back up to the mountains again be for the light fades. Because I was there before, ok only 4 hours ago I knew where to position the camera. A quick jump over the wall and running up the hill while putting the camera on the tripod, cable release and filters in place so that I would be ready to press the shutter once I put the tripod down. Bingo. We got about 5 mins of light and then it was gone.
So the moral of this story is Go Back, Go Back and Go Back again to the same location and take your photos. You will never get the same image twice. What you will learn is - the different light conditions will do for your photos - then and only then when you see the difference will you start to understand that photography is all about light.