Tuesday, 21 July 2009

White Head

Here is your Watery Wednesday image.

This is called White Head or Kilnbane near Ballycastle, Co Antrim. You have one major walk down hundreds and hundreds of steps to get to this location. Not bad going down but going back up OMG. We did not get to this location this time round as I think the climb would have killed us. So this is an old image I dub up for you today.

The reason for this is I am having a few problems with my computer systems today. One is having a Kernal panic ( what ever that is ), another is locking up when I open Firefox after it was updated and my main Mac will not access the Internet for some unknown reason. So I am back to my old G4 running PPC Linux (tech talk sorry) to upload this. Lets hope after a goodnight sleep all will be well in the morning.