Thursday, 2 July 2009

Melmore Head Sunrise

Here is your SkyWatch Image.

Not your average Sunrise image either, what ?
Just back from the "working holidays in Westport". The reason for the What The Duck post below.

We had a wonderful time over in Westport. I think my children were with us, but don't think I saw them for more than 10mins at a time.
I did manage to get out and take a couple of images. Some wonderful, some good, some bad and some very sad images. More on this during the coming days. Of the 500 or so images 70 have gone through the first stage of post processing in DX Optics and are ready for the conversion process into b&W. It won't be until next week or maybe the weekend before I will have the time to work on them.

The "working holiday" time table was as follows: up at 4 in the morning and shoot until around 9. Back to the hotel for breakfast and out with the family doing the usual holiday thing. Back to the hotel for dinner. Back out again at 8:30 in the evening until 10:30 followed by a couple of pints at the hotel, then bed. My holiday "workflow".

Getting back to the image above. It was taken form Melmore Head, Rosguill, Co Donegal a while back while away on a weekend trip the the local camera club. I managed to get a couple more bodies to get up at 5 in the morning to catch sunrise. It was a learning experience for them and they enjoyed it and more importantly they now understand the magic of Landscape photography.


  1. Not average - much better!

  2. Far better than average .. I'd say A+

  3. Oh, yes! Not average! Stunning as always, Neil!
    Have a great weekend!

  4. Far from average! I love the sense of movement - that the sun is expelling all the darkness and clouds from the sky.

  5. Quite the moodiness in this one. This sounds like the perfect working holiday. Except what is the working part? ;)

  6. Another marvelous photo. I like your work flow. Especially the pint part. In fact I think I'm gonna crack open a Paulaner Lager right now.

  7. Spectacular. Very beautiful. All your photos are amazing. Thanks for sharing.