Thursday, 23 July 2009

Elephant Rock

Here is your SkyWatch image.

I know it's Skywatch Friday, however this image is not about the sky but the rock in the shape of an elephant.

I have seen some wonderful image form the location at sunset/sunrise in colour but none in B&W. All the time we were up on the Antrim coast I was first dying to see this rock and to get am image for myself. The first time we arrived at the Elephant rock, Ballintoy was on a very dull and overcast evening with no chance of an image to do it justice.

After I said goodbye to Peter as he set off on his journey home to West Cork, all 7 hours of a drive, I decided to head back to Ballintoy for one more try. This time around the weather was a bit better, but nothing like the last few days we had. The storm clouds were rolling in at this stage. I waited for some movement in the clouds so that the sun would make an appearance from over my left side to give some contrast and shadows.

Well here is my attempt at the Elephant Rock, Ballintoy, Co Antrim.