Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Me & Me Tigers

I had to show you the image taken by one of the Keepers of me holding one of the cubs ( the female ) form last Saturday. It's not the most sharpest of image as I think the Zoo Keeper turned the dial on the camera instead of pressing the shutter button because it was set to f16 at 1/20 second. I am now their Official Photographer and will be documenting their stay at the Zoo with photos every couple of weeks as they grow up.
Just in case, I'm the one with the glasses on this head.


  1. That is pretty awesome. Congratulations. It should be very interesting to see them grow.

  2. That's such a cutie! I just want to tickle its stomach :)

  3. a sweet capture none the less of your subjects and you ^..^
    will look forward to more shots of the tiger cubs as they grow up :)

  4. You do look cute together.

  5. Very cool....

    What an amazing feeling it must have been, holding that little one..