Saturday, 2 May 2009

Newfoundland Bay 3

Here is your Scenic Sunday image.

I started the week off with an image from Newfoundlandbay Killarney and now I will finish the week with an image from Newfoundlandbay. In this image you can see the two swans that stayed with me for the couple of hours I was shooting at this location. It was great to have a bit of company and some thing to talk to about my composition !

The wonderful cloud formations are just about starting, which are visible in the previous posts.

I must continue the "All about Composition and Your Camera". You have only Depth and Movement under Illusion and then we are into the final Chapter of Unity of Purpose, Matter and Manner. If you have missed the others check out the "Tips and Tricks" in the sidebar.

Enjoy the rest of your Weekend as we in Ireland have an extra day rest with the May bank holiday weekend (god knows the banks need the extra day >*&%^$ ).