Saturday, 9 May 2009

Ladies View

Here is your Scenic Sunday image.

This is the view of the Macgillycuddy Reeks from a point call "Ladies View" on the main road (N71) between Killarney and Kenmare, Co Kerry.

The last in this series of images from my trip to Killarney.

You can see Purple Mts, Tomies Mts on your left with the Gap of Dunloe being the 'V' shape on the far left. And on your right you can see Torc Mts and the valley of the Killarney National Park. You can stop and pull in up here at Ladies View and on a good day like we got the views are wonderful in all directions. This was the only image I could get as a tour bus arrived and that was the end of that.


  1. I always groan when I see tour buses parked up in the car parks of places I'm visiting. Great image none-the-less!

    Thanks for the advice earlier - I've cropped the image down even more and it's taken out the sky and the bunch of leaves in the top right. It definitely looks so much better! All the best with the tiger shoot tomorrow!

  2. Beautiful place.
    Great photo!

  3. I always look forward to visiting your site, and you never disappoint.

    Regina In Pictures

  4. I always hear Killarney from Irish folk songs. And that is still awesome picture. The story can still unfold in black and white.

    Happy Mother's Day if you are one!

  5. Tourist bus drivers just don't seem to take into consideration that other people want to see those wonderful views, too.

    This is a very nice photo. I'm glad you were able to get it at least.

  6. Panoramic - another perfect image, Neil.

  7. I like the horizontal layers of light and dark...very eye-catching.

  8. Just came across your site. Beautiful work. Great to see B&W still on the go.

  9. I love the stark contrasts and the endless shades of grey that monochrome gives to this landscape. Great blog idea & great photo!