Thursday, 7 May 2009

Gap of Dunloe

Here is your Sky Watch Friday image.

The Gap of Dunloe, Killarney, one of the major tourist spots in Ireland. However at this time of the day you have the place to yourself except for some sheep dotted around the place. The image above was taken just after sunrise. The clouds are starting to break up after a light rain fall which you can see covering the mountains in the background. What you see here is Black Lake, one of the three lake along the valley leading up to the Gap itself. I'm standing on the bridge which marks the point where the road switches over to the left hand side.

It's very hard to get an original image of the Gap of Dunloe as nearly every photographer in Ireland has at least one image from here. But in black and white ? not so sure about that.

Anyhow have a good weekend and hope to see you all next week if I am alive ?
Dublin Zoo want a image of the Tigers together and will arrange for me to get access with the Keepers on Sunday to get this photo.