Friday, 16 October 2009

Donegal Bay

Here is your Skywatch Friday image.

The past few weeks have flown by and it's Friday again. Very important, no make that a life or death situation has being going on in my house this week as my daughter's school project had to be finished and handed in on Friday. Each had to pick a different country and she picked Austria.
The Internet is a wonderful tool for information on everything. "Daddy can you find out about this". "Can you print this". It never stopped all week. The things we do for our children. That's the reason why I am late with this post.
Now the image above is of Donegal Bay from Mullaghmore head very early one morning. Each time I left the hotel at around 4:30 to drive the short distance, I gave the night porter a heart attack.
A long exposure of 20 seconds or there about was used. The grad filters were also used because of the difference between the sky and the foreground rocks was to big for the camera to handle.
Hope you have a good weekend, as I will be tiling the kitchen walls, so no photography for me then.


  1. Well, your shot was worth waiting for! Marvelous as always, Neil! Glad your daughter got her project finished and I know you'll have fun with the weekend projects! Well, sorta!

    Take a moment to enjoy!


  2. Very nice sunrise photo. And interesting text, too.

  3. Another nice low and brooding shot, Neil. I like how you have shot slowly enough to milk the wash in the foreground. Can never get enough foreshore.

    Had to laugh about your daughter's project. Those days are long past for me!

  4. Nothing is more important than supporting our kids. You gave us a great image in spite of the distraction.

  5. Supurb photo once again!!!

    All the best
    Regina In Pictures

  6. Another stunning photo, Thanks for sharing your skywatch.

  7. beautiful image...your work is always amazing.

  8. Perfect as always. Even in the early morning light you use the grad filters. A good tip to know...if I only had such filters. It is on my list. Good luck tiling.

  9. Beautiful Photography;gorgeous subject! Thanks for what you do!