Thursday, 22 October 2009

Clare Island with Lr 3 beta

Here is your SkyWatch image.

Adobe Lightroom 3 Beta was released to the public today. You can download if for free and use it the next few months. It's the full version with not limits. Download link here. I use Lightroom Ver2 on my Mac's. I put the Beta version3 onto my laptop just in case it conflicts with my older version. I don't think it will but just in case all the same.
Why I'm telling you this? Well this is the first processed image straight out of Lightroom Ver3 Beta. Nothing added but love and a b&w conversion.
The image above is Clare Island form Atlantic Drive, Achill Island, Co Mayo. Taken last June while staying in Westport. What I did was import my last couple of trips away to test and play with this version. I think this letterbox crop suits this image as there was no foreground of interest.

Hope you have a good weekend. I am going to be very busy this weekend with the Dublin Marathon on the bank holiday Monday. With 14 photographers from Ireland, 6 from England and a few more from Germany and America to look after.
Oh no, can't tile the kitchen this weekend either. How sad I am ( hehehehe)


  1. Dramatic and excellent. Well done.

  2. Another wonderful photo. Well Done!

  3. Fantastic! your blog is a Fairy tale in black and white:-)
    I'll be back.

  4. Wonderful image! I had no idea that LR has a new version. Thanks for telling me. I also use LR and feel quite happy with it.

  5. Thank you for this information of Lightroom 3. I am curious, did you find it more useful than version 2? Is it worth the upgrade?