Monday, 27 June 2011

Dinish Island Sunrise

Just as you think your never going to get that image….
On this trip to Kenmare the weather was mixed. Not great for photography as we had too much haze mixed with low clouds all during the day and not much better in the mornings for sunrise either. On the last day of the trip all the elements came together and I got the sunrise I was after.  This image shows Dinish Island, which is in the middle of Kenmare Bay, lit by the early morning rising sun.  I used this wonderful side lighting to bring out the texture of the stone slipway and used the slipway to lead you into the image.
Three days of sitting and waiting for the light was worth it me thinks.


  1. This is an amazing image. Patience sure pays off doesn't it?
    Joyce M

  2. It's very beautiful. You have got the timing right!!