Sunday, 31 August 2008

Peoples Photography

Just back form a very enjoyable 2 day in Dublin at the Peoples Photography Exhibition.

"Peoples Photography is on Open Air Exhibition of Photography. It is open to all photographers, professionals and amateurs alike. Each exhibitor is allocated a section of the railings of St Stephens Green to mount their exhibition"

It was good to see some old friends again and to meet some new ones. This year I introduced some new image products. I printed some of my images upto 24 inchs wide for the exhibition and this turned out to be a great hit with the public and comments were all positive. So now I will have to add this onto my website sale area. I also had some of my colour sunrise/sunset images on display for the first time also.

Comments like this was the best black and white landscapes images see for year and they had the wow factor were great to hear. I also ran out of buz-cards to hand out to the public. With this I am hoping to see an increase of traffic on the website with the possibility of a few more sales.

Saturday, 23 August 2008

Ruined in Ox Mts.

Not to be out done by Peter Cox and his "Ruined Cottage, Ox Mts.", here is a image taken in the Ox Mounatins from our last Viewpoints trip. We had finished shooting at Easky Lough and were driving north towards to coast when another ruined cottage was spotted by the road side. I got out this time (long story for another time and place) and took this image. I have not seen Peter's version of this cottage but you can look at another one he took a couple of hours before this one.

Monday, 18 August 2008

Glen Nephin

There is a mountain range in Co. Mayo called The Nephin Beg Range. The road out of the village Lahardaun leads you up through the Glen on a winding road until you come across a parking spot at the side of the road. All you have to do is walk about 10 steps into the field and this image above is the view you see. The mountain on the right is Nephin Mountain itself. It was taken in early evening time before i headed on up to Downpatrick Head for the sunset. Again this was taken on the last "Viewpoints" tour with Carsten Krieger and Peter Cox

Thursday, 14 August 2008

Ashleam Bay

This is the image that is on the opening page of my Fine Art B&W website. It was taken on the last trip to Westport. I drove out to Achill Island and around the Alantic Drive coast road which goes aound the southern end of Achill Island. This bay is called Ashleam Bay and if you look on the right side of the image you can just see the road as it winds is way around. We were luckly with the weather this time but not like what we are having the the moment. I live in Ireland and have never seen so much rain this last few weeks.

Monday, 11 August 2008


Is a Zebra Black with White strips or White with Black strips ?
This image was taken down in Foto Wildlife Park, Co Cork

Friday, 8 August 2008

The Conversion

For thoses who are interested here is the origional image (top) taken from the camera of The Rock of Cashel. It is just a jpeg version of the RAW file from Lightroom and the B&W conversion (bottom) from Lighroom using a Desaturation method to converting. The final image after the layer mask and dodging/burning in Photoshop can be seen below.

Thursday, 7 August 2008

The Rock

Well the weather was worse than I hoped to expected down in Cork. I had only one good day and that was the drive down to Cork. I stopped in Cashel , Co Tipperary for a bit of lunch and to get a photo of "The Rock of Cashel". This is not your usual image of the famous place but a viewpoint I came across a while back but with no tripod I made it a point to return again. This is one of a couple of images taken that will make up onto the website for sale ( get the plug-in). What interests me about this image is the angle and lines of the wall and the hill.

Sunday, 3 August 2008

Storm & Mountain

I am now off to Cork for a short break and lets hope I will return with a couple of new images. I have not being down to Cork for a good while now so this will be interesting. It will more than likely be a recon- trip for further trips. So here is one to keep you going until my return. It's a very dark and dramatic image from the The Mourne Mountains, Co Down. I think we got back to the cars just before the rain came down and boy did it rain.