Monday 27 June 2011

Dinish Island Sunrise

Just as you think your never going to get that image….
On this trip to Kenmare the weather was mixed. Not great for photography as we had too much haze mixed with low clouds all during the day and not much better in the mornings for sunrise either. On the last day of the trip all the elements came together and I got the sunrise I was after.  This image shows Dinish Island, which is in the middle of Kenmare Bay, lit by the early morning rising sun.  I used this wonderful side lighting to bring out the texture of the stone slipway and used the slipway to lead you into the image.
Three days of sitting and waiting for the light was worth it me thinks.

Blurred Forest

Not your pin sharp wonderful B&W landscape that you come to expect from me, but something different.
The first Sunday in every month is set aside for a family walk up some mountain. Come rail, hail or shine, and in this case low clouds and mist, we go. All manor of clothing is packed into the boot of the car which leads to very little space for my big camera bags (must get bigger car not ). So I always carry my trusty Canon G10 with me on these trips.
Last Sunday  the 5th June was such a walk  ( Link to pic ) up Djouce Mountain in the Wiclow Mts. After  a couple of wonderful sunny day with temperatures in the high 20′s, the sunscreen was packed. I can tell you now that never came out of the boot.  At times you couldn’t see 20 meters in front of you and   the higher you went the worse it got.
The challenge was on – to come away with a couple of image from the walk.
One such image is above titled “Blurred Forest”. With very very very bad visibility what are you to do ? During the walk through the forest the light levels very low and hand holding a camera to get a sharp image was impossible. Use this camera blur to your advantage. During the 1/6th second exposure I moved the camera in an upwards motion. The result was, I think, great. This got me think and I started to play with the different camera setting to produce my images and not the usual Landscape images I take.
I love the way the forest floor and the tree branches are completely  blurred while the tree trunks are still visible. I also like the triangle shape the trees make which draws you into the image.

So if you go down the wood today…………..
Make sure you have low light and don’t bring a tripod.