Friday, 24 April 2009

Newfoundland Bay 2

Here is your Scenic Sunday image.

Newfoundland Bay, Upper Lake, Killarney, the image I was looking for before I turned around to find the views in the previous posts.

It was a long wait to get this image. I think I stood here for well over a hour talking to myself and a couple of swans, until the light was right. It's not the image I was after but we can't control the weather and have to make do with the conditions before us. So I waited to see if the sun would shine on the mountains in the distance. It came out for a minute or so and lite up the mountain top. And that was it, the image above. After the minute or so the light changed again but was too dull to continue. So I changed direction and got the images below.

Next week I will continue the series from Killarney with some images form the grounds of The Lake Hotel with views of Loch Lein or the Lower Lake.