Monday, 27 April 2009

Loch Lein 2

Here is your My World image.

First of, may I say a thank you too all for the comments on my images over the past couple of weeks. I have been very busy of late and have not got a chance to look t as many other sites as possible. Things are now back to normal now, so I have more time too look around.

I think I made history yesterday:-
The first Irishman to shoot some people outside Buckingham Palace in England and not get arrested by the police. ????????
Figure that one out and I will give you the answer at the end of the the post.

Now lets get back to photography. The above image is part of the series of images taken in Killarney a couple of weeks ago from The Lake Hotel as mentioned in the previous post. This one was taken form the Castle itself ( MacCarthy Mor Castle ). Again the previous post will explain all. It shows Lough Lein or the lower lake and what's called the Bay of Castlelough. This was most likely a small harbour to tie the boats on come ashore at the Castle.

What I like about this image is the path leads you into the image and the contrast between the shapes of the stones and the shapes of the clouds in the sky.

OK here is your answer to the riddle above:
The people were running and I was shooting them with a camera. Yes I am talking about the London Marathon. I was over in London at the weekend working on the marathon for a company called Marathon Foto. I was positioned right outside Buckingham Palace for over 5 hours and in that time took just under 12,000 photos of the runners.

On holidays in Killarney, the Turin Marathon and then the London Marathon, the reason for the lack of posts and comments.