Thursday, 13 November 2008

Mullaghmore Head

This image was taken on the far side of Mullaghmore Head looking out over Donegal Bay just before sunset. This was originally a colour print but decided to convert it to B&W using a different method than my usual Lightroom conversion. As this was already a high-res tiff file, I used Photoshop Channel Mixer with a overlay layer with some dodge and burn. I was some what surprised and pleased with the results. I will now have to got back to all my colour images I have of sunrise and sunset to see if any will look good this way. When I go out to shoot a location I have in my head the final b&w image I am looking for. I have found that just converting a colour image to b&w does not work the same way. However it has worked in this case so it may do so with other colour sunsets. I will keep you posted.