Sunday, 2 November 2008

Donabate with G10

Well here is the first B&W image taken with the new Canon PowerShot G10 camera. I am very pleased with the results from this camera. However none of my programs can handle the RAW file format so this did not go thru my usual B&W Conversion Process in Lightroom etc...
I used Channel Mixer in Photoshop to do the conversion with Dodge and Burn tools.
The image was taken today while out for a walk on Donabate Beach. That would be Howth Head in the background on the horizon. I still like to use my filters and so I had to hand hold the ND grad filter in front of the lens while the image was taken. I think I will have to buy the Lens conversion kit and attach the filter system to this.
However this is just the second time out with the camera and while I did say in am email to a friend that I am selling all my 5D, 1D and lenses etc.. I will hold off for a little while yet. The results form this pocket camera are indeed wonderful, but a few more tests will have to be done. I got the camera for the reason it was used today and not to replace the DSLR's in the big backpack.............

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