Thursday, 5 November 2009

Lough Dan Week ends

Here is your SkyWatch Friday image.

We will end the week with another one from my walk down at Lough Dan. This image was taken on the way back after lunch down at the lake. The foliage is overgrown a bit and the track is just visible.
The rolling clouds and the changing light was just wonderful and even though I only had my G10 with me, I have managed to get some images that look perfect even when printed up to 20x16.
Looking back at my Library of images in Lightroom I have a nice collection of images form Lough Dan numbering about 15. I feel this will become a life long project of mine.


  1. Wonderful the delicate foreground foliage and the movement of the clouds. Superb as always.

  2. I look forward to your SkyWatch shot each week... and I am never ever disappointed!

  3. No, you most definitely never disappoint and this is one more incredible shot, Neil! I too love the feeling of movement in the clouds and fragile looking foliage! Marvelous!

    Enjoy your weekend!


  4. What gorgeous b&w photos!
    I have a canon G10 powershot myself and I'm very impressed with your photos. I'd be curious to know if you convert to b&w after shooting or if you use the b&w feature of the camera, and also what post processing you do. I'd be delighted to get a reply from you.

    Nathalie in Avignon (France)

  5. It is a beautiful scene, I can see why you love it so and keep going back. Another awesome photo!

  6. stunning dramatic shot. It's so interesting to look at the same thing several times and see how it is never the same twice!

  7. I think I'm a fan. I am learning from your photos week by week. Thank you for sharing.

  8. This is so dramatic! Mother Nature is sharing her finest moments and you captured it! Wow!

  9. So pretty. I can imagine myself getting lost in the's easy to see why you love this place.

  10. Neil, Very nice work on your blog. I agree the G10 is a great camera. Although I have pro cameras at my disposal, when doing personal work
    I reach for the G10. If you check out my blog most of the shots called Scenes From the Road were with the G10.
    Keep up the great work here, I will check back.

  11. very well captured....awesome shot! mine is up too...:)

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