Sunday, 22 November 2009

IPPA Panel

Here is your Monochrome Maniacs image

Well it's been a while now, so here is 4 images. You will have seen them before on the blog. But the layout is for the IPPA Photographer of the Year Awards. This is my Portfolio of images for the Landscape Category. What do you think ?On another note, I was away down in West Cork with my good friend Peter Cox for a few days shooting. When I mean a few days, it turned out to be only one day as the rest of the time we were flooded. The weather is the worst in living history for the amount of rain is unreal. We did manage to get out of the car by means of the windows and nothing to bad. Wait for the water to dry in the engine and we got out of trouble. On friday last the 20th you would not believe the wonderful conditions we had compared to the previous couple of days. And boy did we make the most of it. I should get to post a couple of images from this trip during the coming weeks.