Thursday, 18 September 2008


This is one of my images from Dublin Zoo. This is of one of the three  Siberian Tigers at the Zoo. Early that morning the were feed some pigs head and chickens. I got some great images of them eating. When they were finished they have a rest and got to fill 2-3gigs worth os images as they just sat down and did not move. Shooting thru the glass can have major problems what with reflections and dirt, but because the light was coming in from the front of the enclosure this made for near perfect images ( no glass would be perfect but I would not be here to tell the tail ).  If you do go to Dublin Zoo you might see some images printed in their leaflets by Neil McShane, that's me as I supply Dublin Zoo with alot of  their photographs. As all the images are in colour I have posted none except of the odd one that I think looks good in B&W.