Monday, 26 November 2007

Low Light Photography.

The Navan Camera Club, which I am a member of, when out on Sunday evening last to shoot Trim Castle. The idea was to show the new members how to use their camera's in low light conditions. One of the members of the Club, Reggie Smit who specialises in low light photography lead the way.( a link to his site can be found on the More Photographers section ) I took a few snaps as they say with the above been one of them.( colour again ). I will be uploading the rest of the images into the Sunset & Sunrise Gallery shortly. I used the Canon 5D with a 30seconds exposure @ F11 with the TS-E24mm lens as this was the only lens a had we me. Thanks to one of the other members who gave me his 24-105 lens to take a few images of just the castle with its reflections in the river.