Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Loch Bhaile na Hinse

While away in Connemara a few months ago with the 'Viewpoints' photographers Carsten Krieger and Peter Cox, this image was taken along the road (R341) to Roundstone.
We had left our B&B at 5:30 in the morning to get to the location to catch the sunrise. After a good few hours we headed back to the B&B to have breakfast. On the way back we came across a few locations that looked promising if you got the right light. After some breakfast we went our own ways and to meet back up again in the afternoon. I went back along the road out of Clifden (N59) and turned onto the R341. A few 100 meters passed the junction you can park your car off the road and walk back to the viewpoints in this image. The clouds had broken and the sun was out. What makes this image for me is the clouds and the reflections on the landscape. The contrast between the white clouds and the dark water. The different levels of midtones in the grass. The simple composition and the triangle shape the clumps of trees make. This image was taken with my Sony R1 camera (RIP). That's another story to tell later.

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