Monday, 24 September 2007

Inch Beach

This image you see below was taken back in 2005 of the beach at Inch, Co. Kerry

I put this image forward for The Daily Critique on The Radiant Vista website
Craig Tanner had nothing but good words to say about the image. He also said that if this is what Ireland looks like he must come here. I have to agree with Craig, Ireland is a wonderful place to be a landscape photographer. Every hour the weather and light changes which makes for very interesting possibilities for great images.
This is not your usual view from Inch. You can just about make out the cars parked on the beach. This is were most tourist's would walk and take their photographs. While the tide was out I walked out and turned back to look and see if my children had followed. Well I was amazed at the view. The reflections of the clouds and mountains in the water. I used a polariser and ND Grad filters to hold detail in the sky and water.

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