Sunday, 23 September 2007

Clare Island

Image of the Month for Setpember taken from my website

This Image is called Clare Island 1 and can be found in the Places, Buildings and Objects section from the Gallery on my website
On your drive over to Achill Island you will cross over the bridge at Achill Sound. You the then turn right when you see the sign post for The Atlantic Drive. This will take you around the southern tip of Achill island and onto spectacular views along the cost line. There are parking locations along the way so you can stop and pull in safely. At one of these locations you will see Clare Island sticking up over the horizon.
This image was taken around 12 0'clock in the day not midnight as you might be thinking.
When i got back home after this trip over in the west of Ireland, looking at the images on screen this one jumped out. On the day the weather was dull at times. It had just stopped raining and the sun was trying to come out from behind the clouds. What makes this image for me is the light over the island and the cloud covering the top of the island.
Placing the horizon in the lower portion of the image because there was nothing of interest but water which leaves more room for the sky and what a sky. As they say in the ad, nothing added but time. I knew the clouds would break and the sun would shine. You just have to be patent. Sit back, enjoy the views and pour yourself a cup of tea.