Saturday, 15 January 2011

Branch & Sky

First post for 2011 and it took until 15th of January to post it.

December last year and January this year have being eventful to say the least. I don't thing I can take much more. Starting with Bronchitis, snow and freezing temperatures leading to no water for a couple of weeks over Christmas, then the flu kicked in. And now the sad news that my Granny died RIP. My turkey is still in the freezer and the bottle of Whiskey is still unopened that Santa left for me.

On the photography front, I still have not done any Landscape work yet. Plans are being worked on for a trip in February with Peter Cox. One commercial shoot last week and another one next week and a few more print orders to complete is keeping me going as well as finishing my notes for the 6 week Lecture series starting in February.
The image above was shoot from the carpark of client I was visiting a while back. I love the shape of the branches with no leaves and the dark moody sky. It depicts my mood and feeling perfectly.

Looking forward to 2011 with some big plans in the pipeline but first this:

I put together "The Best of 2010" news story over on the website. Link Here.

Good luck to you all this year and hope you will follow my journey through the year.