Friday, 12 November 2010


What is it me and dogs when I am out taking photo's ?

Last week Ireland got the tail end of hurricane Thomas and the weather services was giving out warnings about strong winds, low pressure and high tides with flooding warnings. Stay away from the coastal roads and paths. So what did I do? Drive over to Skerries, a small village on the east coast of Ireland on Sunday morning and go for a walk along the coast path with the wife and children. Don't worry the storms had not hit yet as it was a beautiful morning, blue skies and some clouds starting to roll in.
Along the coastal path they have built a platform for swimmers to get into the water. On this morning the tide was very high and coming in over the sides of the platform. Perfect, so I set up the camera and waited for the waves to come in and cover the concrete in the foreground. This would help with the reflections of the clouds.
Now I had a slight timing issue. You see there was this dog running and jumping into the water right in front of my camera position and I had to wait until the dog was out of the frame and the waves covered the foreground. I got the image I was after i.e. the one here. While I was packing my gear up the dog came over to me and stood there looking at me. But what did he do only shake himself dry and water went all over me and the contents of my backpack. Once again his owner was embarrassed and apologized. I just stood there wet but laughing.

The moral of this story : If I see another dog while out shooting I'm going the other direction.

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  1. I imagine the dog was probably angling to get his picture taken :) Evertime I see the placename "Skerries", I get hopeful that they are the skerries I know up North near Portrush - I suppose there must be lots of rocks off the Irish coast with no other name than the Skerries!

  2. What a wonderful photo! I am really looking forward to next summer when I will be visiting Ireland with my family! I can't wait :) All the best from Anette in Norway :)

  3. Where does the water?
    Where does the earth?
    Where are coupled with the sky?
    magnified image
    Greetings from Barcelona