Thursday, 11 March 2010

Wicklow Coast Continued....

We continue on our Wicklow & Wexford Coastal tour with the image about. After our wonderful breakfast mentioned in the pervious post and collected the now fully charged batteries form the house we headed south passed Brittas Bay. We found a lovely small bridge and river. Following the river through a field we came out onto the sea front in the image above.
Wonderful line and clouds are the composition in this image. I still had my wellies and over trousers on and kept them on for the whole day. It might not look the prettiest but it gets the job done and I am warm and dry.
I will post the images of the bridge and surroundings during the coming weeks as they are interesting in that : what you can find and photograph when out and about looking and exploring.
Have a good weekend and remember to bring your camera out with you.

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  1. This image left me speechless!

  2. Well have some very nice photographs on your blog!! Cheers, Scotty

  3. Brilliant photo! Ironically, I ran out to photo-shoot with dead batteries.

  4. A stunning beach shot. These locations do make the most wonderful black and white images. Nicely done!