Tuesday, 1 September 2009

People's Photography

The above image shows my display for The Peoples Photography open air Exhibition around the railings of St Stephens Green in Dublin over the weekend.

Over the two days, I sold a few images but the main reason was handing out the business cards to get the name out. In the end I handed out nearly 250 business cards.
I received great reactions to my work which was great to hear. Following on from this I received a couple of requests for my Monochrome Magic Workshops and a marketing company are interested in using one of my images for a ad campaign.
Also I was beside my good friend and fellow pro Peter Cox, and we had an enjoyable and productive couple of days.


  1. That's really great to hear, Neil! I'm excited for you! The recognition is well deserved! Your monochrome shots are always exquisite.


  2. Sounds like a successful day. Your landscapes are powerful in b&w, so it's not surprising they had a good reaction.

  3. Looks like you had a good display and a successful day, Neil. The business cards are always a good idea, let's hope even more work comes your way as a result :)

    As an aside, I worked for four months in Caledonian Life, just about opposite those railings, flying in and out of the uk each week. Great times!

  4. Congrats, always enjoyable to be recognized.